Helping Families Invest in Liberty

Have you ever felt captive to some part of your life?  Finances?  Health? Lack of time, or organization to do what you really want to?  Maybe depression, addiction, or broken family relationships are stopping your progress and causing you pain.

Our mission at Liber Junction is to help families and individuals increase in personal liberty.  Liberty does not come without a cost and  cannot be kept without bearing the responsibilities of it.  It requires hard work and commitment to obtain, but it is available to all who earnestly seek it.  The process to gain liberty involves a close look at your paradigms, dogmas, and traditions.  You must really weed through the muck of ideas and information the world has thrown at you to

We offer classes, personal mentoring and  hands-on projects to individuals, couples and families.  All areas of bondage in ones life can be overcome by learning how to earn, save and invest in the area that needs liberating.  Our areas of focus are  based on the 8 Forms of Capital as follows:

Intellectual – knowledge, particularly in the Liberal Arts, is requisite for liberty.  Every area of life that has darkness and pain, can be improved by adding the light of truth, and wisdom of understanding.

Social – Relationships, especially family relationships, are key to a rich and meaningful life. Many people think that having a good relationship is based purely on personalities, common interests and serendipity. Not True!  You can have a healthy relationship with any person once you understand the principles and gain the skills to do so.  Easy? No.  Worth it? Yes!

Spiritual – Part of being human is our having the inner soul.  We have agency and conscience to choose between good and evil, not just react to instinct.  Solidifying your beliefs and living in harmony with them is the key to peace.  Turning to your God for strength and purpose is the heart and driving force in breaking the deepest and most painful forms of bondage.  The Greek root of psyche means soul or spirit.  So mental and emotional illnesses  as we call them today are actually spirit and soul problems.

Material – It is easy to take for granted all the material blessing we have in our society of “give me” and ” I want more”  Having the right materials, learning to wisely invest in possessions that will truly add to your life and not keep you in bondage to too much stuff, is a primary principle in material capitol.  Another element is learning to see the potential and value in what is available, much like a sculptor seeing the image in a block of granite.

Financial – Anyone can increase in financial capitol.  It is simply a matter of learning the principles that govern money and making choices accordingly.  Simple.  It only takes willingness and time.  We can help you.

Living – Your own body and health first, your food sources, plant and animal, second.  Life begets life.  Understanding the cycles of life and how to thrive, not just survive is what we want in living capitol.  Actually creating life is one thing that man cannot do.  However, our actions and choices all day long,  greatly affect the quality of life we experience.

Cultural – Understanding your roots, your family history, and having traditions that bring out your finest skills and qualities is the basis of cultural capitol.  Throughout history peoples without adequate cultural capital are easily conquered.  Tyrants have long understood this and used the destruction of culture to gain power over nations.

Experiential –  Business owners will hire for years of experience over year of education most of the time.  There is nothing like the school of hard knocks to develop excellence and capability.  It means we have to embrace failure as our friend and be ready to get back on the horse.  We just keep failing forward until we find ourselves doing what we set out to do.

Time – Everyone has the same amount, yet some people seem to get far more done with thiers?  How do they do it?  Learn to be effective with your time to accomplish great things, the things that really matter, while letting go of stress.  Breaking the bondage of Overwhelm, and Always Behind, are liberations that bless you on a daily basis, and have most to do with a change of paradigm .