Monthly Archives: October 2015

Hide and seek

Tonight my children talked me in to a game of hide and seek.  The first time playing in the new house.  I wondered if it would be harder to find a good hiding spot.  After all there is only half the square feet of our last house.  No, I still was able to hide longer than I wanted to on each round until they found me.

In fact, in many ways this little house feels plenty or even more roomy.  I still have empty drawers in the kitchen, and some empty shelves in the laundry room and storage room.  I love it!  Our kitchen floor can be mopped in a fourth of the time our last house required, and actually it seems to get less dirty, because the condensed layout means we carry less food across the floor.

Purging to get us down to this size was a process of over two years.  It was hard mental and emotional work.  Oh, and physical.  I am extremely grateful we did.  There are still some things to arrange and find homes for, and a handful of projects we will eventually do, but I miraculously feel no impatience on the unfinished basement.  We are mostly settled and able to go on contentedly with the things in our lives we really want to spend our time on.