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Join us for a Great Book Discussion

New Year’s Resolutions:

Live Simply and on Purpose

Improve financial situation

Read a great Book


Join us for a discussion of a book that will really get you thinking about why you make the choices you do.  It will give you a great start in all 3 of the above goals.  Here are a few excerpts to give you a feel:

“If vision is low, this can lead to a situation of comfortable misery where the vision isn’t strong enough or too scary to allow change.  A high level of dissatisfaction can be accompanied by low vision is cases of depression, loss of faith or vision, or by external circumstances.   For example, the mistake many make when becoming frugal is that they don’t replace their previous vision of accumulating more stuff with an equally strong vision of doing something else.  Giving up the current vision thus results in feelings of deprivation…” pg. 13

“Our culture was founded on the idea that maximizing production equals maximizing happiness.  In the past, pursuing this goal was admirable since any increase in production resulted in an increase in well-being: better food, better medicine, better clothing…But can we honestly say this still results in better living and greater well being?

The changing focus –from better to more– signaled the transition from a producer economy to a consumer economy.  Whereas the biggest problem of the producer economy was how to produce and distribute enough goods to survive – a problem that still hasn’t been solved on a global scale- the biggest problem of a consumer economy is how to clear the market of overproduced goods.” Pg. 30


“Spend much time reading about budgets or engaging in discussions about lifestyles and you’ll notice that most of them focus on the difference between needs and wants…The fact that it is so hard to agree on which is which suggests that the differentiation has become meaningless and thus irrelevant.

There are no such things as wants and needs.

It’s therefore pointless to argue about the difference or make lists of needs and wants.  The problem is that needs and wants don’t fit on two different lists.  They fit on one list where they’re ranked according to value rather than price.  Needs and wants are different in degree, not in kind…

On this scale there is no demarcation of when a need becomes a want…

For instance, the eating list ranges from roadkill and dumpster diving, to industrially processed “food,” to gourmet meals and fine dining. Clothing ranges from going naked to owning Just one set of clothes, to owning massive wardrobes full of shoes and tailor-made suits.  Transportation ranges from walking barefoot to driving a “hooptie,” to private airplanes and megayachts.  Health ranges from being strong (physically and mentally), to being on prescription medicines, to being entirely dependent on advanced medical infrastructure.  Time ranges from being a galley slave, to working 8-10-hour days in a tolerable job, to doing what you want, which may or may not include what is otherwise classified as work.” Pg 98-99

The Book is Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Lund Fisker.


Saturday, January 30th, 2016

4:00-7:00 pm


A Potluck Dinner Item

3 epiphanies or questions you would like to discuss with the group.


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