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I am the mother of six beautiful children.  I like Crossfit and homeschooling, and sunshine.  Lots of sunshine.  And growing things – children, plants – weird edible plants, and late night coconut cream on blueberries. I love reading a good classic to my children before bed.

I have ups and downs.  My downs are a struggle with depression, sometimes mild, sometimes desperate.  My ups are when I am focused on Jesus Christ, and I am remembering His love and power and that His plan is for my happiness.  I love to share what I learn and watch others find answers and understanding.

I am trying to grow my hair back out, and so it looks quirky most of the time.  I am trying really hard to embrace the quirky, goofy me.  Some days I succeed, others not so much.



Hi, I am Cassidy

I am 12 years old. I am currently taking the Scholar courses at LIFE Commonwealth. I am in the  youth presidency serving as the secretary. I like to spending time with my family, gardening, studying, writing, and natural healing. When I grow up I want to go into natural healing or midwifery.

here is a picture of me:


Family Power Blog

This is a little blog for the Satterthwaite family to share some of their thoughts as we try to create a powerful family culture of promises and covenants.  We are doing a FAM PWR challenge.  We set 6 goals as a family, one for each of the letters of the challenge name.  The “W” stands for writing.  each family member will have an opportunity to write during the week.  We hope you enjoy our thoughts and getting to know a little more about us.


Hi, I’m Wyatt.

This is a picture of me.                                                               37bb56c1e24e71a31f2c84887665f701-1280

I like airplanes, and food. I also like Hot Wheels Cars. My favorite subject in school is science, and my favorite type of science is Rocket science. When I grow up I want to be an inventor, because it sounds fun to be able to create something new.