3 days of Car-Free

Yesterday I only went to the grocery store, 3 blocks down the hill, on my bike, and walked to the park near us for a book discussion.  We stayed home most of the day.  Today, Jonathan was called into work, a rare happening, so he borrowed a friends car to get there, drove 40 miles and paid $9 to fill up her tank.

We are painfully aware that we are not adequately set up for our car-free lifestyle.  We have been constantly looking at the options for cargo bikes and e-bikes and trailers.  Checking what local shops have – Salt Lake City is local, right?  Scouring the internet for all the options.  We want to optimize for pleasure of use, as well as cost.  We know we need something that we can transport Camille, 8, and Jane ,3, in, and haul stuff like produce from our community garden home in.  Our 3 olders , 11, 13, and 17, should be able to ride their own bikes.  Jonathan will be super relieved when we find our perfect something.

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