Liber Junction is offering the following classes for 2017/2018.

To register contact Emily Satterthwaite 801-668-7618.

Language Arts.  $ 175  The program is simple: read, write, discuss.  The topics are anything the students are interested in.  Using the classics of any field or topic we will read, write and have discussions to expand comprehension and discover application to life.  Students will gain experience in communicating and articulating their thoughts orally and on paper.

Real Fun Math  $175  Mathematics is the ability to problem solve.  We will take problems and challenges, often in the form of games and riddles, or real-world things to figure out.   Sometimes we will work on the same challenges that mathematicians of ages past had to solve.  Students will grow their vocabulary and familiarity of mathematical language and develop skills of working with numbers.

ARDUINO.  $270.  This is a beginning course on using ardiuno for electronics and programming.  After understanding the basics we will do some experimenting, and then build some fun projects.  Students will practice soldering, building PCBs and doing very basic programming to make their creations work.  Cost includes Arduino UNO, a parts kit, and basic tools needed.  Wednesdays 12:30 to 2:30.

Ice Skating $285   This class is ice skating basics for beginners of all ages.   After becoming comfortable with forward and backward, turning and stopping, we will learn some simple jumps and spins.  It will be held at the Ice Sheet in Ogden.  Parents are required to attend for children under 12.  Admission to Ice Sheet  and skate rental is included.  Noon to 2:00pm on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

Art  $270  Using the Virtual Instructor as a guide, this class will focus on drawing, portraits, colored pencil and watercolor.  Materials included.  Mondays 12:30-2:30.  All ages welcome.  Children under 12 must have parent stay to work with them.




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