Car Free Day 1

This morning two of my children had a hike with friends scheduled, and I was the responsible adult.  So we rode bikes to Mimi and Papa’s about 1.2 miles, elevation gain of 165 ft. and left the bikes, to walk another 2 blocks to the trail head, where we met up with our group, hiked for 2.5 hours and then returned home.  It was very pleasant, but my legs did get some good burn on the uphill.

I had a board meeting for our Commonwealth, 5 miles away at 1 pm, and was planning to bike it, but another friend going from my neighborhood offered a ride, and since it was hot and I had already exceeded my exercise requirements for the day I took her up on it.

This evening it was our turn to pick raspberries, again at Mimi and Papa’s but this time we were trying to get the whole family there, with bowls for picking and a way to bring them home.  We had two bikes with flat tires, and we got rid of our kids bike trailer a month ago, because it was in sad shape, we were cleaning out and knew we wanted one that fit our needs better, but have not yet made the jump to get it.  We had to switch some wheels between bikes, and we have a trail behind bike for Camille, age 8, but nothing yet for Estella Jane, and with wheel trades we were still short a regular sized bike anyway.  So we backpacked Estella there, while the rest rode bikes.  We had a lovely time getting lost in the raspberry patch and then returned home for a hearty nights rest.

Jonathan and I are very clear that to make this work we need to get a capable cargo bike soon, and we must get better tires, so flats are not such a problem.

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