Emma and Abigail

I’m in a moody place this week.  Jonathan is gone for 11 days on travel to Ohio, and I’m struggling to keep me and my children afloat here at home.  I know Jonathan does much for our family on a daily basis – cooking dinner and washing big dishes while I do read aloud at bedtime.  Rubbing my sore muscles.  Taking care of lots of little things.  Mostly he is an emotional strength to me.  He has an “I can and will do it” attitude – most of the time. I miss him.

I have been watching John Adams for my Key of Liberty class I teach at LIFE Commonwealth.  It shows the loneliness and heartache and difficulty that Abigail faced during long months and years when her husband was away.  I’m sure this has not helped my moodiness, but it has made me feel a kinship to her.  Although my current situation is nothing in difficulty compared to Abigail’s, I keep thinking of her, and telling myself to be strong and press forward as she did.   She is one of my heroes.

I think also of Emma Smith.  Another hero.  Strong in the face of adversity.  Disciplined in doing what needed to be done.  Both women did what was right and good for the causes their husbands were fighting at great personal sacrifice.

We live in a different day and age.  I do not worry about enough food for my children’s next meal,   I have only to push a button to warm the house, and only to lift a lever to have hot water.  I have no legitimate fear about our safety.  There are no mobs or armies attacking us or Jonathan.  Yet we still have plenty in our time that we struggle and grapple with.

I believe my easy, safe life is what is at fault for my emotional weakness, for my entitled pity party.  When push comes to shove for basic human needs, most of us can pioneer up and do what has to be done.  When our fights are always higher on Maslow’s hierarchy, then the battles for health, progress and success are all battles of the heart and mind.  Not so easy to put our hands on, see the cause and effects of or find the path forward.

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