Love of Learning

2016/2017 classes for students K-6

Classes are $325 each.  They run Labor Day through Memorial day; M-W 9 am to Noon.

Math Inspirations.    We will meet the great mathematicians of the ages and follow their path of overcoming obstacles.  We will be teaching students how to think their way through solving problems, not just memorize the steps. We will apply math to make it relevant.  Students will use their own grade appropriate text books.

World of Words.  This Language Arts coarse is a smorgas-board of literature, poetry, plays and IT, narrating, dictating and writing.

American History – We will discover America with Lief and Columbus, settle it with the Pilgrims, build it with Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin and then explore its vastness with Lewis and Clark.  Using stories, music and games this will be an exciting class.

Rocket Science –   Physical Sciences exploring motion, gravity, light, electricity, simple machines and more.  We will also build and launch some rockets!

Tech Savy –  Our world runs on technology.   This coarse will help students get excited about, and gain safe skills, in the world of computers.  We will learn to navigate the internet effectively and smartly, use email, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  We will practice proper keyboarding skills. And build a website.