Powerful Motherhood

I am a Woman with Purpose,

A Mother who Knows and Nurtures,    

a Powerful Daughter of God.


Join our quest to become such…

This year take time to develop yourself.  Join our exciting and challenging group mentoring experience.  We will be learning the powerful Eternal Warriors principles and skills, developed by Life Changing Services to help us win our own personal battles with Satan. Become a master of self and have the power of consistency as one of your strengths.  Then as we continue to build strength in those skills, we will work through the Family Builder Program to understand our relationship struggles and how to heal them, and create individualized plans and systems for our families to work together, gain an amazing liberal arts education, and move forward on our unique God-given missions.  In the gospel we talk about having a “Happy Family”  this is some nuts and bolts help to create it!

Each week we will take accountability score on our GiRL PoWeR,


The class is limited to 8 students.

When:  Thursday Afternoons, 1:30-3:30 Labor Day through Memorial Day

Where:  North Ogden, Utah

Cost: $300 for course, plus books and materials.  100% money back guarantee.  If this coarse does not bless you or your family, I will refund your $50.  (The family builder program costs $84.50 with our group 50% discount.  Each participant must purchase it.)

Questions: call Emily at emilysatt@gmail.com, 801-668-7618

Registration will only purchase the Powerful Motherhood membership, and reserve your spot.  Books and Family Builder are purchased separately.

Calendar and Syllabus

September:  A crash course on becoming an Eternal Warrior – a woman who knows her truth and how to fight Satan’s lies that “You’re not good enough.”  “You are too tired.”  “She does it better.”  “Why try?”  No thine enemy, and with Christ you shall overcome him.  All four weeks this month will be spent learning the Eternal Warriors principles and skills.

Reading: Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis

Sept 8                        Introduction; GiRL PoWeR; The War between Remembering and Forgetting;

Sept 15                      Satan’s Modern Battle Strategy; The Pain; Temporal Power;

Sept 22                      The Stony Pool; Drills; Endurance

Sept 29          Book Discussion of Screwtape Letters


Then we will use The Family Builder Program to continue our studies and create the family environment we each yearn for.

Here is what you can expect to know and accomplish from using the Family Builder Program:

  • How to embrace the essential connection between family relationships and the success of your educational efforts.
  • Understand four amazing tools, in the great work of inspiring, that you can put to immediate use.
  • The ability to see your children’s emerging interests with new eyes, to enable you to respond more effectively.
  • How to assess your current education, and then plot a course to prepare for a life of greater purpose.
  • How to prepare for, create, and record a family vision, to allow you to “see” the hoped for outcome of the education in your home.
  • The inside scoop on how to consciously design a family mission statement that breathes life into your family culture, and directly influences the core development and academic learning of your children.
  • A simple schematic for you to build your own master plan, with nine key elements designed to help you determine what learning time will consist of next Monday…and the rest of the year too.

Plus highly recommended processes regarding

  • How to create systems for incorporating a broad spectrum of topics into the educational strategy, in order to substantially improve cultural literacy.
  • Becoming acquainted with the definition of liberal arts education and designing a liberal arts study project.
  • Where and how to select the best books to read in your home, with strategies to establish or improve and overcome challenges with family reading.
  • A simple process to help you hand-pick important ideas, resources and systems to use for the spiritual education of your children, tailored to your own worldview.
  • How to develop an effective schedule that fits the season and rhythm of your family.
  • Knowing how to create a plan for introducing your children to mentor dates and planners – a terrific system for nurturing relationship, while encouraging and challenging our children to engage in deeper and more meaningful ways with their studies.
  • The essential elements for a system for family work, with tips for teaching adult skills to your children in an easy and systematic fashion.
  • Exploring an array of community group examples and strategies, to consider the best fit for your family.

I highly recommend that spouses work through the Family Builder Program together. If one spouse’s situation does not allow him or her to complete all of the material, discuss how to best support each other in your particular circumstances.

Here’s what parents are saying about the program:

“I used the Family Builder Program last year, and now I know exactly what my family needs, what our goals are, where were headed and what our motivation is. The program isn’t just about educational principles, it’s about how to build families on purpose. It will take you from step A to step Z and you’ll be emotionally, spiritually and mentally exhausted by the end of it – in a good way! Can’t recommend it enough; it’s worth every penny and every hour you’ll spend working on it. It’s best if you and your husband can do it together but even if you’re going through the material by yourself (I had to because of my husband’s work schedule at the time), it will be worth it and very do-able.”

Tessa Zundel, South Jordan, Utah
“Through the Family Builder Program I have received wise and loving guidance. I have come to know from experience the benefits of creating an environment of freedom in my home. My children truly love to learn and I am finally supporting that learning in a productive way.”

Kate Day, Sandy, Utah

To make sure you are happy with the program, I am happy to give parents my 12-month, 100%, No Questions Asked, Guarantee: I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use even a few of the strategies in this program, you’ll experience a measurable improvement in your family’s education. However, at any time during the 12 months after your purchase of the Family Builder Program, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I’ll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it’s on the last day of the twelfth month!

Today is the start of a new way to thinking about and planning your children’s education, so that you can stop bribing, begging, threatening or just waiting and hoping that great learning will happen.

Today is the beginning of the end of uncertainty and disorganization, the end of a lack of vision and a lack of long-term plans and daily strategies that work.

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